Printing for Your Special Events – Benefits of Digital Etikettendruck


To produce labels that are at par with market expectation and maintain top choice position in the market, you would need to get a label printer that can produce such results effectively. The technique that you choose for Etikettendruck or label printing should reduce your cost and the time spent but the end product should be of top quality. As opposed to orthodox label printers that are quite stale in function, digital label printers present a much better option and are quite popular in the market.


The role labels play in a product-based business cannot be overemphasized. For starters, since it’s the first thing a potential customer sees, it projects the image of such product. And as it is said that “first impression lasts longer”, if the label is neatly done and attractive, it will strike a chord in the customer’s mind. This is why you need to get an effective printer that would produce neat, attractive and luring labels that make customers want to spend the money.


The orthodox or traditional label printer requires a cumbersome and strenuous procedure whereby one needs to look for the required printing plate, fix it into the machine, stir the ink and make sure the machine is in the right position before printing. This procedure will last a while and isn’t an attractive option either, in terms of cost.


Because you do not need to produce printing plates or use valuable time in setting up the machine (the plates are inbuilt), labels can be produced in a couple of minutes instead of hours used up with a conventional printer. Thus, in terms of speed, the digital label printer can serve you that. If you deal in retail sales, labels are vital in advertising and promoting your business further.

Digital Etikettendruck can print in high resolution with bright and live colours thereby making the labels catchy. Also, unlike the traditional label printer which can only print at 133 or 150-line screen, digital label printers can print at 230-line screen.


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