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It is well known that in order to enjoy and feel the best possible travel experience, it is required to be fully gastronomically satisfied. According to this aspect, I will present you in the following the section the top, best restaurant where you can serve some of the traditional food and worldwide cuisine, at the highest standards.

Varying from all the possible categories of food you can imagine, at Eureka Springs you can find the best grilled venison, spiced with natural herbs and a special recipe known only by the residents in that area.


The main top restaurants are ranked as follows:

Farm To Table Fresh

  • Cured Meats
  • Catering
  • Prepared Salads
  • Bistro
  • Homemade Pasta
  • Bread & Pastries

The Oasis

Ranging from a wide category of services, this resort offers you the best price/comfort ration in the area, and has special offers for persons that choose their accommodation & restaurant packages.

Cottage Inn

  • At this Italian Themed restaurant you are able to find the best pizzas and pastas in the whole city
  • They also have a very good catering service providing fresh and quick meals in the entire region
  • In order to get a license and become a franchisee, some required documents are required to be performed, as more information you can get from their staff members

KJ’s Caribe Restaurant & Cantina

  • Again, one of the best choices to make when you are in town
  • The owner, K.J. Zumwalt, has a special recipe for its sauces and spices, very well guarded, used in the preparation process of all the served food
  • Here is the perfect place where you can get the best jalapeno pie and a classic Mexican soda.

Bubba’s Barbecue

  • If you are not a vegetarian food person, you can enjoy here the best hamburgers and bacon slices of your life
  • Prepared carefully to keep the savor of the meat untouched, this classic American restaurant is able to surprise even the greatest food appetites.

According to the variety of restaurants and dining places, you will be amazed by the low prices they’ll charge you for a meal. Having prepared $20 / day for food is more than enough in order to keep your battery charged all day long and prepare for the next adventure day.

All in one, if a trip experience is what you desire at this destination, you will certainly not die of hungry. Beside the tons of restaurants available every day, some of them even 24/7, the residents are warm and peaceful people and if asked, they will for sure invite you inside their house to have a nice warm soup.